Crochet handcrafted bag pattern free

Crochet handcrafted bag pattern free

We offer a very handy handcrafted handbag model to our friends who are looking for crocheted handcrafted handbag model to the delight of our valuable followers.

You can use handcrafted bag model in the park, in the Garden, on the balcony anywhere by attaching it to your arm. Crocheted handcrafted handbag model as well as your handiwork can easily knit. You can choose a beautiful and stylish handcrafted handbag model that you can make as a gift to many friends. Hope to be together again in the new video narratives goodbye..

Crocheted handcrafted bag making
Use of 4 mm crochet

Use of plastic rings

Cotton rope has been preferred.

Its making

Let’s start by filling the ring with frequent needles. In total 40 frequent needle 3 let’s pull the chain 3 Lü Banister application 5 let’s make one. Let’s do the three chains side by side 3 Lü Banister again. Let’s finish our line like this. On the


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