Crochet blanket pattern free video

Crochet blanket pattern free video

You can choose crochet blanket pattern made with batik rope crochet pattern in many knitting patterns other than blankets. It is among the models that are beautiful and easy to knit for those looking for blanket samples.
The use of blankets in baby knits is among the most preferred choices. Knitted blankets are preferred by mothers. Since the use of blankets is frequently changed, one blanket will not be sufficient, so several blankets are made with different sample options. Sample preferences change according to the person. Our baby blanket models are available on our site. You can examine the models by clicking the link in our article.
Crochet blanket pattern making with batik rope

Preparation: I used a 300 meters batik rope and zero number crochet in 100 grams. You can choose a suitable number of crochet threads suitable for your knitting. Our pattern is especially suitable for blanket types, a useful and enjoyable knitting model, we start by pulling on our chain to the length we want. In the first row, we wrap our crochet thread once, remove the loop from the chain and take the 3 loops formed when we crochet, that is, by making a single handrail, we complete the first row until the end of the chain.
When we get to the 2nd line, we start with 2 chains. We skip a chain, take a loop from the second chain and knit it in two moves. We pull out one loop, jump a chain again, and knit two knits ……. The model progresses from both the front and the back in this way. Come easy for those who will make a very easy and very enjoyable model that will suit many knitting types ..
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crochet blanket pattern VIDEO


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