Creating Star Boxes By Origami

Creating Star Boxes By Origami

Creating Star Boxes By Origami

What Are Origami Boxes

Origami is a work of art that belongs to Japan and is uses only paper and if needed other very easy stationary materials to make up a piece of art. Creating star boxes by Origami can be difficult, as you have to combine many pieces together inorder to get a box, but there are also easy start boxes that you can make by using only couple pieces of papers. Origami is a very interesting and exciting art work that anyone can try out.


An Easy Star Box By Origami

Depending on how big your size of paper is, you can make small boxes and big boxes. One of the simplest Origami start boxes that you can make, use only one piece of paper and you fold it under you end up with a box that looks like a star.


You do this by first a square piece of paper. Creating star boxes by Origami can be very easy and the box can be made in no longer than 10 minutes.


Make Colourful Star Boxes To Decorate Your room

Creating start boxes by Origami is very entertaining and you can use your boxes for many different occasions. The only thing that one must careful when they are making a box with Origami art, is to be able to hold the paper accurately. Origami is an art that needs accuracy.


The more accurate you fold your papers, the better arts you can get. Arts in Japan most of the times are make with very simple materials, but the simple materials are used to make gorgeous work of arts.


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