Crafting Your Notebook

Crafting Your Notebook


Small notebooks are very useful items. Since thery are small they do not occupy place in your bag. You can even put it in your pocket and take out whenever you want to take notes. They can be used in classes, for writing diaries, at work and at any place you need notes. You can buy it or you can craft a practical notebook for yourselves.

It is very easy. Now I will show you how to craft a practical notebook.


Paper Choice

You should decide the paper type you wish. You can use the any size and type.


You will need scissors fo this phase. Depend on the wanted size you should cut the paper. For example, if you wish a notebook in size of 5 to 10 where five is width you should cut 10 to 10 pieces of paper. Because you will fold them later.



Now fold your papers together from the exact half line. After that knit the papers. If you use so many pages then be sure you need several times. Otherwise 2- 3 knitting will be enough.



You need a cardboard for this. Cut the cardboard in the expected size (depends on your paper sizes). After that knit your knitted pages to the half of the card board, where you fold it exactly like papers.


Final Covering

If you are not satisfied with the color and the appearance of the cardboard you can find a cloth and attach it to the cover.


As you can see it is very easy to craft a practical notebook.


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