Construction Decor of the Latch

Construction Decor of the Latch

Wooden pegs are usually the product that will be available next year, as well as being in demand in old plastic model today.
DIY ideas possible thanks to the use of outside areas very purpose of many objects; wooden pegs are also included among these objects. Only you can make many useful objects or decorative objects hanging from wooden pegs that you think washing the wound. Here you can make them simple to evaluate some of the old wooden pegs but functional DIY ideas.

A wall or a rope will stretch your photos on your desk, your cards, you can hang your notes with the help of pegs. If you wish you can get more quaint wooden pegs appearance by painting in different colors.

You can also use the laundry outside wooden pegs to fasten many things; such as the use of these cookies cup holder. You can attach the decorated bags of cookies and cupcakes you make your special day with small wooden pegs.
Latches can turn into a great handle. Pasting in your kitchen cupboards with side by side for a few wooden pegs, towels or kitchen can help secure smaller objects such as dishwashing gloves to catch, you can get a small organizer.


Instead, they can catch a small hanger made directly by pasting a piece of wood that paints at equal intervals.

If you create a separate corner for the construction of a hobby; your hobbies, you can attach to this area with the help of wooden pegs card and your paper.



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