Considerations for babies nutrition

Considerations for babies nutrition

The most important factor supporting the development of the baby’s right, are regular and balanced diet. Therefore, attention should be paid to the dietary habits and characteristics.

The first 6 months should be given only breast milk should not be given additional food. This month in the digestive systems do not work enough to melt solid food for the children, disturb, they also forced to eat. So it should be given only breast milk for the first 6 months should be done when there is not enough food supplement.

At the end of 6 months should start to gastronomic food. Here it is given food by the important progress month by month. After the first 6 months, you can start by giving the fruit puree and juices such as apples and pears.

Afterwards, yogurt is one of the first food of the children food they can consume in this month. What gave you food, but whatever follow the rules must wait 3 days. Children can have allergies to certain foods. You must pay attention to it to be faced with negative results.

After the first time you give a food allergy you must wait 3 hours after state should continue to give him no concern. If after 6 months from the potato soup, vegetable soup you can not do with onions and carrots. At the same time you can also start making tarhana soup after 6 months. However, one additional foods must be given before the age of gastronomic not fill. Breast milk is enough should pay attention to this point. In breakfast can start with the egg yolks, you can give grape molasses.

You should pay attention to eat natural vegetables and fruits to eat when you should wash your baby’s development and not necessarily well. Do not give honey a year ago. The allergen is a substance that honey is not recommended for infants before the age of one. Likewise, cow’s milk is not suitable for infants under one year of age.


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