Clothes Worn in Winter

Clothes Worn in Winter

The best preparation done during the winter preparation phase is to knit the clothes through knitting and make them ready for use. In winter, we like to be warm.

Knitted sweaters, vests, etc. what’s worn keeps you warm. Wearing clothes that keep you warm protects you from diseases in a sense and can be worn at all times.

After wearing a sweater, your elders, who necessarily put a vest on it, think about your health, in a sense, they want to knit the most beautiful vest knitting patterns for you.

Vests that everyone, small and big, weaves for their relatives to wear at any age can be used in every sense. People of all ages can knit vests to wear at home or outdoors. Knitting a vest is not a difficult thing, but the given effort and patience may not be for everyone.

Clothes Worn In Winter
There is no need to undergo training to remove vest knitting patterns. With the development of technology, everyone can easily knit with recipes for its construction, which you can easily find via the Internet.

For knitting, you will use only two things: crochet and skewers. It’s not just vests that you can knit with these; bags, sweaters, jackets, scarves, shawls, etc. there are many more things.

number 4 to knit a women’s vest as a pattern that you can crochet; pull a 50 cm chain with cotton rope. In the first place, you will create a double handrail by dipping each loop one by one.

step up to the top row by pulling 5 chains. Second place; you will skip two loops and make a handrail on the third loop. A double handrail is made on the third loop by pulling three chains and skipping two loops. Continue knitting in this way until the end of the row. Three chains are pulled out and the top row is continued.

In the third row, we continue by making 3 handrails inside each handrail made in the lower row. In this way, one row is blank, one row is full, 58 cm is knitted, 24 loops are left in the middle, and the remaining parts on the right and left are also finished by knitting 58 cm.

Decorations with different colors of wool can also be made around the perimeter of the braid. The last one is sewn by going down 23 cm from the shoulder and finishing the vest.

Vest knitting patterns made in this style can be easy and convenient. Vests, which are mostly used in winter, over sweaters, can also be used on not very cool autumn evenings.


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