Cleaning your leather sofa

Cleaning your leather sofa

Do it yourself projects include home improvement projects which you have to overcome without the help of any experts. Todays do it yourself project is cleaning your leather sofa .

We’ll provide you with the info on what to know before cleaning your leather sofa.

You can harm your sofa if you use too much water.Leather is an oily product and can crack if easily. You should wipe off water carefully afterwards.

Use only the suitable products for leather.Don’t use nail polish removers,bleach or detergents

Don’t use vacuum cleaners,hard brushes or dish washer sponges.

Use microfiber wipes. Use a white cloth for a white sofa.

You can use skin care products to make your sofa shine.

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And know we will explain how to clean your leather sofa. Take a wet microfiber wipe to clean the dust and dirt on the sofa.

Wipe off your sofa.Prefer white or creamy soaps.You can also use glycerine  to make your sofa shine.Add some glycerine to your water and wipe off. Clean with a dry cloth.You can make your sofa shine with lemon banana and orange shells.Wipe off your sofa with the shells and use a damp cloth afterwards.

In order to remove stains from your sofa you can use beer.Pour some beer on your cloth wipe off your sofa and wipe off with and humid cloth afterwards. Beer will disappear by itself.

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