How to clean silver cutlery?

How to clean silver cutlery?

Most cyclin silver cutlery and knives, which are indispensable in cleaning have many details on cleaning. So how to clean silver cutlery?

How to clean silver cutlery? There are many suggestions about. Let’s go over those who are now among the many effective and practical advice.


The question mark on many women’s minds these questions. How to clean silver cutlery?

First, not much of a difference in cleaning silver cutlery from other kitchen utensils, next to the elegance of the blades in a single year is the disadvantage of living darkening process.


Decision silver forks, knives can be washed with plenty of water and bleach to help. And drying in silver is also an important issue. If despite this treatment is still haunting the carbonate spots and stains with a mixture of vinegar and rub it well, you can rerinsing and drying process.

You wash silver in the dishwasher, with a bit of laundry detergent or rinse aid will put them to the side for cutlery can achieve a brighter result. It is a method to polish to rub over with lemon peel.


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