How to clean burnt saucepans?

How to clean burnt saucepans?

Food cooking on a stove forgotten burning smell enveloped the place. Before burning food to grieve, and then how to clean burnt pot holding the bottom so the black thinking.

This is a time when we all live scenario. So how to clean the bottom of the pots were kept, how to remove burnt remnants. have kept the bottom, there are several methods of recovery burn pots. Whichever method is used to determine the 3 things.

Burning pot from which the material is produced, in what period of time that you have burned and how to clean it.

Especially in the bottom using the cleaning method using a dishwasher it is effective in saucepan with a thick layer burns. All kinds of food burn and can be applied in all kinds of pots. You can also use a washing machine detergent powder.

Add a few inches of water will pass the lit portion of the pot.

The dishwasher detergent in tablet form sheep.

Boil 10 minutes and let stand for a few hours or overnight.

Then I played with the edge of the spatula will burn up as a block layer.


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