Ceramic Vases Made

Ceramic Vases Made

If you love the home accessory and if you have the slightest interest in handcrafted, you also make yourself ceramic vase. This will be until you get tired you can be a little puzzling but sure


Select your colors according to your request.

Select glazed transparent varnish to the inside of the vase

Prepare your shadow color palette and paint brush.

Do not forget your cleaning sponge brush.

Handwork and hobby shops you can get your material.

Glazed polish put into the vase, make sure the entire surface coating turning around.

Keeping close twice in the same polish on base

Choose the color that you choose a floor vase with a brush, apply two times.

You need to wait for the paint to dry between the two.

Glazed brush one side white and the other brown crawl.

Parts must correct paint the center of the midpoint.
So a green glazed brush one side of your face begins to stain your right when you start glazed brown brush from the center point.

By controlling the pit areas, marked with brown shade. All draft of the mark with a brush in white.


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