Catching up…and some new activities

Catching up…and some new activities

Today is a very quick post just to say “Hi”, and let you know what I’ve been up to…I have been a busy little bee in the last few weeks 🙂 Still running a lot at work, but I have managed to squeeze in loads of catch up fun stuff between everything. The staff and I want to decorate the ICU for Christmas, and after much thought, I decided to use paper as our tool for decor. It’s relatively inexpensive (as I have wayyyyy too much Scrapbooking paper), and everyone can make something. We wanted the ICU to look bright and colourful, so hot pinks, bright oranges , neon greens, egg yellows and other saturated colours are the main elements.

We are making 3D paper stars, 3D snowflakes, and other paper cutouts to hang on the walls. I found the most amazing range of colourful glitters to add a happy sparkle to the finished items. Hopefully this week will see me making the Santa’s Village (in paper of course 🙂 ) for the Nurses station. I hope to make some big and small reindeer as well, and our small Christmas Tree…yes, also from paper.

Above is my Cricut Expression Cutter. I am using a bunch of cartridges with Christmas and Snowflake patterns, to cut out shapes and decorations like these you see below 🙂 Loads of fun and actually quite quick!

I managed to make all the Christmas gifts for the staff as well as little Origami gift boxes to house the gifts, and most of my friends’ and family’s gifts too…so things are on the way to getting finished 🙂

I pinned LOADS of pins on my Pinterest Boards for you all to see…so if you need some inspiration for gifts, go and take a look 🙂

I found the most amazing papercraft and Origami stuff while searching the web for ideas for our ICU…I pinned the best ones for you to see …

Two weekends ago, I made up a huge batch of Bath Melts (probably around 300 or so), which were Lavender scented…these will be gifted to all my lady/ girl friends and family members.

How is your gift making going? Have you found anything that has inspired you? I’d love to know 🙂

Have a good evening folks!


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