Catch the Basket Making

Catch the Basket Making

I spent my time going through the full time that I thought once it-yourself projects. I think this is because the course is to feel himself useful status and evaluation of old goods. Because people only recently are focused on consumption. Overall giving less money to evaluate their focus on getting a new one in your hands to give money or goods can not even see if he can do nothing without money.


Under these circumstances we have talent hidden inside the product is up there in the corner. Our imagination is getting pushed further and further away. I do it for yourself, I found only one way to stop all this progress means a project or recycling projects.


I use my home, I threw aside time to take the product with my imagination, bringing together yet whether adding new methods, I focused on myself to have. Today I want to talk to you like the most from the project going. basket making latch the name of our project.


Sure it does not sound a clear picture in our mind that you mention it, but you’ll Results excited too. materials that we need for our basket of the latch; effective adhesive, a small plastic bucket (like yogurt or paint bucket), wooden pegs, braided rope, it is desirable to insert into the barrel color and fabric patterns. We start our first latch when the latch from the basket to break through with our work.


Wooden sticks after we have left no space to separate latches on well together since our bucket individual side sticking. until the husband around the tiger we continue this process. Then we mounted our beautifully braided rope are covered with the handle of the bucket and into our fabric. Here the cart is ready to catch!



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