Callus Herbal Treatment

Callus Herbal Treatment

Usually skin calluses are caused by friction with shoes hit as hard layer. This gives severe discomfort and therefore has to be treated. Natural fats and vegetable methods and callus treatment made possible.

Calluses are many oils used to treat the softening. You can apply these calluses until recovered.

Callus has many other methods of treatment. This method will have to follow until the calluses. Natural methods to treat calluses:

Pumice use you can rub your skin with a pumice soaked in warm water.

Cornstarch to use pour a can of corn starch callus formed.

Painkillers use of the drugs used to mix it with water, you can take a callous like cream headaches.

Lemon use: Lemon can take to troubled regions on a slice of lemon or waiting for corn.

Pineapple use: It is one of the methods used to pass the pineapple corn. You must rest on some pineapple corn overnight. So corn will soften and disappear after a while.

Soda and lemon juice mixture: Equal amounts of lime and soda mix must obtain consistency of toothpaste. Mix this persistent region of calloused you should leave overnight.

Chamomile tea to use: You can wash the area with calloused chamomile tea. After the skin softening can be cleaned with a pumice stone.

Figs use of water is sprayed after removing the green figs. This can take water three times a day calloused region.

Apple cider vinegar use: You waited for about 5 minutes on corn apple cider vinegar.


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