Cake baking tricks

Cake baking tricks

Cake can be very easily frustrated if we do not pay attention to the results, although some point. we need to be careful when making cakes in this article I would like to mention a few would not rule unless

One of the most important aspects of our material is that at room temperature.

Described should be about the size of the eggs necessarily specified as a large or medium size. This point is very important.

The eggs we use is very fresh.

Add it must clap when you add egg yolks with a fork in advance.

If the white and yolk are separated he said, I highly recommend you cold separation.

After mixing dry and liquid ingredients separately, bringing together the dry ingredients first, respectively, then gradually add the dry ingredients to liquid form material and finish, starting with dry material is a very useful method.

If the sugar content has become more well if the outer shell of your muffin.

Flours also vary among themselves. It is important to use quality brands you trust.

If you cover the cake with whipped cream, a brush is important to be properly cream to clean the top and sides.

Before when we cover a thin layer of cream with cream persistent, then freeze in the freezer for at least an hour, while the cream provides ease.


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