Bottle Making of Poof

Bottle Making of Poof

With so many things in your home that you no longer use design to make recycled items as possible. You can puff with great bottles from recycled materials. Make puff bottle will be very easy and enjoyable. You have made yourself a brand new design and you will save an item as well as recycling. Bottles come in the beginning of the ideal material for making puff. Simply assessment bottles under your hand to make puff bottle.

Having thrown the bottle at home to puff will need to use the same size bottle. It must be in the same dimensions of the bottles.

Other materials will need to bottle puff of thick cardboard cartons, packing tape, soft textured sponge material sheath to cover the outer part (you can easily do yourself a jacket), you can erect a tailor, sew them yourself if you want or you can create a tool in cases such as punching machine in furnishers .

Cardboard carton that you first need to set aside to make puff bottle into two equal parts. The bottle should knees taking one of the tracks on the future shape of the carton side by side with covers. After collate bits of return on the second carton bottle the other part. You must paste wrapped in duct tape in a uniform manner.

After fixing bottles with duct tape your soft sponge material (it is recommended to use thin sponge) you will need to coating the bottles. You should not be crushed very suppression of the bottles. You start making sheath of soft and thin foam material wrapped them around the bottle. You can take measures to cover. If you’d like your sleeves, you can steep yourself in accordance with the measure you get a tailor can erect.

The bottle is very cheap to make puff method. Compared ready puff puff you will also benefit from the bottle with your finger to make their own hands.


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