Book Choice to Ages

Book Choice to Ages

Hello Parents! Today’s subject is book choice for the kids to ages which is very important issue. Because, all kinds of books can give a shape for the kids’ characters and their dream world. Therefore, we should be careful about choosing the right books for their ages.


The child development specialists warn families who have children about this matter that we mention above. Before you educate your children directly, please consult to the specialists.


Books are always in children life. Some families think that books are coming after learning reading and writing. No, this is big lie! Because, according to the specialists, children meet the books between 0 and 6 ages. The books met between these ages should be of course entertaining, educative, informative, mental and physiologic books. By reading these books, children can gain social life, ethics and human relations information and aspects. Please be informed that children are shaped from childhood. What you can give your children during their childhood, that state your children’s personalities in future.


Also, these books can contribute to children’s mother tongues and foreign languages. Thus, children can have more vocabularies in their mother tongue and can learn different words from other languages. In future, it helps them to learn a new language with past experiences in their childhood.


We should be careful while growing the kids up! Because what we teach from childhood, it’s time to be proud of in future with our children. Therefore, we should keep in touch with the specialists all the time.



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