Best Knitting Women Vest Pattern Free

Best Knitting Women Vest Pattern Free

We present the crochet stylish vest model to our valued followers for women who are looking for a knitted conifer pattern female vest making dowry vest model.

Crochet pattern with easy-to-wear vest pattern will be the model that we think will attract the attention of our ladies with its elegant appearance.

Vest pattern is among our most preferred clothes for daily use. Vest patterns that fit on many clothes are preferred for dowry and daily use. Vest models, which are used in four seasons, continue to be liked by knitting lovers with their different techniques. Goodbye, hope to be together again with new knitting patterns.

Knitting Cone Model Ladies’ Vest Making
pattern explanation consists of 2 video explanations.

The vest pattern is suitable for sizes 40,42.

Thin and shawl yarn is preferred in pattern expression. You can choose different ropes.

2.20 mm crochet usage

Let’s start the beginning of the pattern by making the lower band part. We are making triple handrails.

Let’s start the model installation on the tape we prepared. We make the vest model with the cone and handrail technique. For detailed preparation, you can apply by watching the video narration.

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