Benefits of breastmilk for mom

Benefits of breastmilk for mom

Breastmilk includes fat, protein, sugar and water. Breastmilk is proper for all the needs of the baby especially for the first 6 months. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) a mother should breastfeed her baby at least 6 months until two years of age.


There are many reasons, why breastmilk is important for the baby. Breastmilk protects the baby against the diseases like  asthma,food allergies,type 1 diabetes,celiac disease and leukemia. It is called the first vaccine for the baby. It is the connection between the mother and her baby.


Researchs show that breastfeeding baby’s are more clever than others. The ingriedients of breastmilk change from morning to evening and from the first month to the following months upon the need of the baby. The baby should be nurtured with breastmilk from the first moment he/she is born. This action increases the amount of breast milk.


Breastmilk is also really useful for the mother. During pregnancy and breastfeeding a woman’s body absorbs calcium and this means healthier bones for further life. Breastfeeding women deal less with weight problems after birth. Breastfeeding decreases blood loss and causes a quick recovery after birth. It reduces the risk of breast cancer and overian cancer.


It is really motivating and it makes you feel powerful,while your baby is growing. Breastfeeding delays your menstruation because of the release of the hormone prolactin. Breastfeeding lowers your costs. Breastfeeding is a reliable birth control method. Breastfeeding builds the closest relationship between you and your baby.



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