Bedroom Decoration

Bedroom Decoration

We spend one third of our life asleep average. We must pay attention to the quality of sleep because sleep patterns affect all our lives. So what exactly is quality sleep so we ask?

The most accurate way to secretion of hormones secreted during sleep our body and mind are refreshed when we wake up every night and more peaceful, our feeling healthy.

Soft colors are not in support of peaceful sleep and slowing the heart rate, lowers blood pressure and prepare you to sleep better. Headboards and furniture, general furniture color compatible with walls as possible, white, cracked positively affect your sleep is selected as white.

Try to use less light than 3 hours before bedtime, make sure your room is dark when you sleep there.

The restuarant in the morning, take care to use natural light. Bedroom furniture in your room should be symmetrical and the public as much as possible. Computers and other electronic goods, especially television put it in your bedroom. Your room is aerated as possible, it should be a room with enough oxygen. Your bed should be neither too soft nor too hard.


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