Beautiful crochet vest pattern detailed free video

Beautiful crochet vest pattern detailed free video

Knitting crochet easy vest pattern detailed description We think that it will be an easy and stylish pattern choice for those who are looking for an example of an easy crochet vest. You can easily apply it with detailed video narration. Crochet knitted vest patterns are decoupled between knitting patterns and everyday vest patterns.

Adult women’s vests are among the decently useful clothes. The use of a knitted vest in housewives is quite common. Quite a lot of vest patterns are knitted when storing braids with girls or knitting vest patterns in themselves. The use of vests is among dec fairly common knitting patterns.

Knitting crochet easy vest pattern
Choosing a vest rope
Choosing a crochet that is prone to rope and hand
Construction: Let’s start by pulling 72 chains, and then we apply 72 handrails.

In the second row, we pull three chains of five handrails together, let’s jump two and make four handrails side by side, we jump two chains of three chains and pull a chain between them into the third chain, we make a double hand dec dec at the same point. Let’s complete the sequence in the same way.

In the continuation of the same pattern installation, the only difference is that we apply the handrails by taking the reverse from the back part. The pattern continues repeating itself. You can apply it by watching our video for arm cutting and detailed description. Good luck..


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