Be proud of your hair clips

Be proud of your hair clips

Hair clips are very popular accesories both for women and girls. There are different hair clip types some of them are wired some of them are made of rubber bands.
If you wish to make hair clips ,you can design new hair clips out of different materials. Use colorful beads to make a new hair clip out of a metal hair clip. You can use glittering material or you can use clay in order to design your new hair clip. Another option is to use rubber hair clip and create new hair clips out of them

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You can make your hair clips at home and it is really easy. Take an ordinary metal hair clip and decorate it with beads. You can design your beads as a flower, as a heart or as a star If your hair clip has already a shape ,you can decorate your hair clip with glittering stuff. Another chice is to make shapes out of clay and stick them on your hair clip. You can make an ice cream out of clay and stick it on your hair clip. You can also stick different shapes you have created on your rubber band and create a new hair clip. You can design a new hair clip with ribbon. Make a bow out of your ribbon and stick it on your hair clip or the rubber band. You can attach glittering stuff,some buttons or ball shaped accesories to your hair clip.

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