Bag Cover by Using Old Cd

Bag Cover by Using Old Cd

Hi Dear Followers! Today’s do it yourself project is bag cover by using old cd that we have not used. And also, we can use the broken cd.


Let me explain how to do bag cover by using old cd with some words and let me show you with some pictures. It is very easy and useful as a recycling activity to be done during your free time at home. I know you like to do this kind of projects and this will be fantastic for you! Because, when you finish yours, you will proud of your project.


All we need it below materials to do it yourself:

  • Cd
  • Bag or Hand Bag
  • Needle
  • Glue


As you know, above materials will not be enough because you need to use your mind to create a unique model for your style and taste. Therefore, you need to check internet for alternative models and contribute your taste in order to design your bag by using the old cd at home.


After sticking your cd to your bag, you can add last figures to your bag and finally it is ready to use! Here you have your own designed and recycled old cd. It really sounds great, let’s roll!

In final, you will have been designed your own touched hand bag and also you will have been valued your old cd that you have not used any more.


Hope you liked my models pasted on this article and we will continue to do it yourself projects soon!


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