Baby foot care

Baby foot care

Your baby’s feet are delicate and consist of soft tissues. These tissues change as the baby grows and her bones develop with time. When your baby starts crawling she/he will be able to stand on your lap, but you must balance his/her weight.


The first trimming of your baby’s nails is important ,because baby’s nails are delicate. But you don’t have to worry,just give your baby a bath. Your baby’s nails are softened after the bath,so trim the nails straight with a baby nail clipper.


Your baby’s feet grow so quickly that they reach almost the double size of their birth size at the  first birthday. But do not hurry up for buying shoes for your baby because their feet are not fully developed and tight shoes can cause damage to their feet. Your baby’s first steps are very important,so choose shoes with soft leather uppers to keep and his/her feet feel comfortable. The sole should be flexible and light. Do not forget the padded ankle.


Childrens foot diseases are flat feet,pigeon toes and talipes. Most of the children have flat feed until the age of 3 or 4. This problem mostly disappears by itself. Otherwise special insoles are put into the children’s shoes. Pigeon toes are visible when the baby is walking. The baby’s toes show inwards or outwards ,while he/she is walking. Pigeon toes also heal mostly by themselves by school age.


Talipes occurs when foot is squashed in the womb can be healed by physiotherapy.



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