Babies should sleep a day how much?

Babies should sleep a day how much?

It is very important for the development of the baby to sleep. Good sleeping baby grows faster and becomes more peaceful. In order to ensure a good sleep patterns of infants need to pay attention to some tricks. Commutative must be received before going to bed and belly full. Day and night in the dim light at night and during the day should be paid in order to be able to distinguish light.

Babies’ sleep needs vary according to the month. Every period needs vary and differ from children’s sleep. Newborn babies need a lot of sleep. Sleep time is 20 hours and 16 hours. Babies grow the income statement sleeps here.

Good sleeping baby grows faster. However, it was ready for a good and peaceful environment is necessary for the baby to sleep is important. Belly full, six dry, it is important to have gas. At the same time babies sleep better and longer when they feel safe. Months have passed the baby in need for sleep decreases.

6 weeks the sleep needs of a baby with 15-16 hours. If the baby is eating and sleeping well placed will be more peaceful and quiet. The 4 month old baby needs to sleep 9-12 hours plus 2 hour nap. If a baby is 6 months 11 hours plus a 2 hour nap is needed. After 6 months, especially children may have difficulty sleeping because begin to explore the surroundings.

They want to know what is happening around and discover it may not be such a good idea for them to sleep so well. The 9 month old baby sleeps 11-12 hours also eliminates the need for sleeping sleeps 2 hour nap. 1 year old baby sleeps 10-11 hours a day and if that will be enough for them to nap for 2 hours.


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