Anise Benefits

Anise Benefits

Anise benefits are many. It is a plant that is inherent in almost as many medications or food. The original source is located in the Asian region. The leaves are round in appearance, the flowers are white. It usually meets during the summer period. There is a sharp smell and taste. Contents “Anethole” material offers the potential impact demonstrated the benefits of anise.

Stomach discomfort; carminative, stomach relaxing, creates effects appetizing. If your child shows rigor in eating anise use it would be useful. Small children can use the gas problem with your doctor.

Sleep problems; work environment, stress, even if you sleep for any inconvenience experienced difficulties, will create a sharper against this problem.

Sedative; If experiencing difficulty will be dominated by tense and nerve calming effect.

Colds and cough; cough in the head after a while shows such ongoing discomfort due to various reasons. Anise will be regular water bath through the respiratory tract and breathing you can have a relaxing effect.

Migraine; stress or pain significantly reduce this sort of quality of life due to chronic causes. In this case it lies between the effective anise benefits.

Hiccup; chest and abdominal cavity as a result of multiple contraction of the diaphragm muscle that separates from each purchase is a sudden breath. Anise is suddenly one of the best ways to mitigate this impact.

The effect of the breast; Youthful fullness of women’s breasts and the other not. Among elderly patients, preventing sagging breasts and deformations.

Preparation method: a full teaspoon ground seeds were incubated with 150 ml of boiling water for tea. Sealed infused for 10 minutes and filtered. 2-5 cups a day depending on the situation as hot drinkable.


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