An extraordinary decorated table

An extraordinary decorated table

Table decorations are very important if you are expecting your guests for the first time.Or if they are not very close friends of yours. And table decorations are also important if you are having a party ,or if it is your child’s birthday party.

Now there are some ideas about how to decorate your tables.You can use different table clothes.Choose a table cloth which goes with your plates and glasses. You can also use runners or napkins for your table design. Use colorful stuff if it is your child ‘s  birtday party. Ballons,masks,bubbles or even  pinatas. The theme of the party depends also on the child,whether you will design your table with stuff like princess crowns and pink ballons or with more green stuff for boys like ninja turtles ,or in black and yellow as in batman.

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You can use napkin holders with different shapes or create your napkins in different shapes looking like flowers,animals or whatever you like. You can also use candle holders ,colorful candles or glittering things like stars ,hearts,pearls etc.

There are many interessting table designs if you choose a theme for the table that you are designing. You can use santas,snowmans and christmas trees for a christmas table.  You can choose red napkins and red or green plates to finish your decoration. If you are preparing a table for the ladies you can use fresh flowers,candles for your decoration and do not forget to make different shapes out of your napkins.

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