Amigurumi Owl Models

Amigurumi Owl Models

Amigurumi knit owl toys models in the simplicity of my favorite and I want to share with you a model without any doubt.

Amigurumi knitting toys big eyes owl models usually consist of triangular ears. Amigurumi we now will do with the style of the easier way.

First, the color you want the way you want still thick with a medium thick rope rope proportional taking a pair of swollen the size we want to be and we create twice the length of our straight owl. You can mix the colors you want to include. You have to double by eg knitting long, we plant into fiber will fill up the remaining places.


After the filling process is completed so that the 5 cm gap will be filled from the top 75%, we finish the stitched portion of the ground we have left. Giving way to the middle of the space right behind the parts we make take the form of a pointed ear portions. The lack of a little challenging because it is the most simple model in which the owl amigurumi knit owl toys models. Then look at the help of seals.

If you knit lace patterns on our site pages and pages of examples can be seen more and more people share on social media. Lace or mesh between friends there are those who like to knit. Our pages to share with them.




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