Amigurumi Made Toy Giraffe

Amigurumi Made Toy Giraffe

The most important thing to know about the made of a giraffe toy amigurumi amigurumi toys is one of the difficult ones.

Amigurumi toy giraffe made primarily for one coffee tones in a string of medium thickness, 1 click to the black felt, thin rope, needles, scissors, glue and silicone beads we need.

Then we and our rope ellite to begin amigurumi toy giraffe giraffe making process we need to handle our body by frequent needles. After processing is complete, we plant fiber filling the inside of the beads. Once planting is completed on the body that we still prepare the rope brown 4 pieces the same size feet, and a long neck giraffe filling our knitting and we plant them. Currently, he has completed the giraffe head and other parts except that we are combining. We head first and then fill in the form for making round with magic rings and buttons. Eyes on our part with the help of the buttons from the shape of the head, sticking his mouth and his head felt after we plant. Finally, we are adding to our ears with scoop giraffe.

Amigurumi is a fun construction toys your kids will love. You also can make your leisure for your children from these toys. You can also Amigurumi technique with a variety of accessories. You can gift your loved ones. We would appreciate if you also other pages on our site. You can share your social media accounts you like our page.


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