Amigurumi Doll Making

Amigurumi Doll Making

Details of all the issues that you wonder women who want to cheer on our children. We will inform you about Amigurumi doll making our work on a long time. Instructions to your materials will be needed to make babies with organization number two and a half 1 color yarn spinning one white one black nylon yarn and fibers for a pair of bead 12-13 mm Amigurumi baby.

First, if you want to knit a baby where we can start from there. Head, body, arms, legs can be. We usually head first knitting is, after sticking parts.


After going inward when your hand on your baby’s head can give shape to pieces. We use a single color rope for our baby’s head. Capture color harmonies are important for your baby to look nice and pleasant.

The first 26 cm are filled with fiber that we continue as we complete a cycle time that is still the head of our baby then again in the form of a boost. Amigurumi do not forget the baby’s eyes planting. We leave an opening so you can enter our hands and our eyes to this, we wear to support the baby’s head inside. other body of the baby, hands, arms, feet and legs are completed. Eventually you will have to decide on our baby’s face.

This is very important for the children that we will present. Eyebrows and mouth tissue can lash your baby as you wish. At this point your imagination and your creativity will talk.



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