Amigurumi Construction Toy Turtle

Amigurumi Construction Toy Turtle

Amigurumi are a lot of options for making toys. Giraffes, horses, dogs, cats, a turtle and more …

So what are we need to amigurumi construction toy turtle? Light green, dark green, black felt, crochet, plastic eyes, beads and silicone adhesive is required.
First crochet needles frequently to use our rope with the light green color, the body will do our turtles. By the body before the completion of the filling process must do the sewing. We’re still a ways, such as by increasing balls with light green magic ring this time around. We’re still like our body by completing the form filling process. We combine our turtle head and arms and legs by processing the same color as the body and we are adding filling.

Now we have completed the process of making amigurumi toy turtle on the ground are doing a shell of dark green color and are adding. Face eyes paste, we are completing the decoration with the help of his legs and arms felt.

Your toys if you completed all of the steps required for the construction of amigurumi toy turtle ready to play or gift to your friends for your child.


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