Amigurimi Cookie Monster

Amigurimi Cookie Monster

Today I would like to tell you about Amigurumi but this time our main subject is amigurumi cookie monster which is very easy to do and enjoyable after we finish to manage for our children.

amigurimi cookie monster1

About amigurimi cookie monster pattern:
This pattern is made for those, who knows what Magic Ring, knows basics of crochet, Increase is and Invisible Decrease and how to sew details in common. If you don’t know it, watch Youtube videos first about amigurimi or learn about crocheting, and try to crochet easy stitches and sew some crocheted details together!

amigurimi cookie monster2
These are American terms about pattern:
inc – Increase
invdec – Invisible Decrease
sc – Single Crochet
sl st – Slip Stitch
MR – Magic Ring

amigurimi cookie monster5

Materials you will need for cookie monster:

1. Blue and white yarn for Cookie Monster, This is the best colors for cookie monster (brown and beige)

  1. Crochet hook you need to use 1,5 mm hook. But somebody recommend 2-4mm hook. Use which is better for your finger.
  2. Fiber,
  3. Needle and yarn,
  4. Pins,
  5. Scissors,
  6. Button-eyes or safety eyes (You can use 10 mm safety eyes),
  7. Other black cloth to make the mouth or piece of felt,
  8. Glue for glue the mouth to the head (you can use textile glue).

amigurimi cookie monster4

If you have only above materials, you will be ready to begin your entertaining amigurumi cookie monster project which will give you pleasant and you will test your knitting talent while you are designing your own amigurumi cookie monster.

Hope you will like it in the end! Good Luck!

amigurimi cookie monster3

  1. Amrita says:

    I can’t find the link to download the file. Can someone help me?


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