Amigurimi Baby Backpack

Amigurimi Baby Backpack


Hi everyone! Are you ready? Because, today we will do amigurumi baby backpack!

Last week, I checked the prices of backpacks for the babies and children. They are really much expensive. I think a family which is having a standard salary cannot pay those amounts for a baby backpack. Therefore, in order to help all families, I would like to give you information about the amigurumi baby backpack.


If you are talented on knitting something for you or your family, this is totally for you! To do amigurumi baby backpack, you do not to be professional on knitting; it is enough to know how to knit amigurumi. Of course with the information about this issue, you need to be more informed. After well informed, you will be ready to create new designs and your own models. Thus, you can save money in your own pocket and you can give those amigurumi baby backpacks to your friends’ or relatives’ children as handmade gifts on special days.


For this kind of crocheting, you will need below materials that I will share to you:

  • Knitting needle,
  • Balls of yarns (the material and amount depending on the model that you would like to use as your own pattern)
  • Free Patterns for Amigurumu baby backpack


If you have above materials, it will be enough for you to do your own amigurumi baby backpack. Of course you can increase the number of materials that you will need during your crocheting.

Hope you will enjoy it! Good Luck!



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