African Flower Hexagon Tutorial Translated into Danish…and a new pattern!

African Flower Hexagon Tutorial Translated into Danish…and a new pattern!

I want to say a big ♥heart thank you today to Irene Larsen , author of the Danish Blog Min Verden Af ILD for the wonderful Danish translation of the African Flower Hexagon Tutorial.

Irene has very kindly translated each step into Danish and I will be updating the original post with the translation during this evening. I am pretty “chuffed” (a very South African colloquial expression indicating happiness and satisfaction 🙂 ) with the idea of having different translations for people across the world…if everyone on earth crocheted we would all be at peace, see…so all of us crochet fanatics are actually spreading world peace 😀

Please would all of you who have used and learned (or will use and learn) from this translation, go over to Irene’s blog and give her a big “Thank you” crochet Love!

Some news…remember my tutorial on how to do a Magic Ring start for crocheting a round-like motif? Well, I am pleased to present a new pattern for a flower hexagon…I am calling it a “The Happy Hexagon” Pattern and will post a tutorial next week some time…keep a watch out for it folks, if you love hexagons like I do and love flowers (like I do 🙂 )!

It’s Sunday night, so tomorrow a new week starts…you all deserve some energy for the coming tasks, so go and have a big slab of chocolate right now…it’s good for you 😉



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