Advices for Healthy Nails

Advices for Healthy Nails

We provide you with all the necessary info on how to have longer nails. You have to guarantee that your body gets all the necessary vitamins and minerals. The vitamine e is especially important for your nail health.. Cutting your nails less will not help to have longer nails.If you wish to have longer nails we should make sure that your nails are healthy. You can use coat hardener for your nails. Do not leave nail polish more than a week on your nails.If your nails can not get air ,they got damaged their color change to yellow and they can not get longer. If you wish to have longer nails,you should stop biting on your nails. There are two ways to stop you from biting your on nails. You can try to use the bitter nail polish,so you will not be able to bite on your nails because of the bad taste of the nail polish. Or you can use different colored nail polish that makes you also stop biting on your nails.

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Healthy nails are thick ,long and can not get easily broken.If your nails are thin ,crack easily or damaged.They are really unhealty.Healthy nails are white and pink on the surface and white on the nail ends.

The key point for having longer nails is not biting on the nails,using creams and lotions for healthy nails. Use suitable vitamins for your nails. Go to a hygenic saloon for manicure and pedicure periodically.

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