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About Tooth Brushing

About Tooth Brushing
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Teeth are our small bodies. Just to break the food or does not help to break out at the same time it provides the right of our voice. It protects itself from the surrounding tissue and also help the development of these tissues. But most important is the confidence he gave aesthetic. Our face in our hands to be in the forefront of our teeth healthy and bright. With the right care, paying attention to oral hygiene brightly shining smile, it is possible that you have to have healthy teeth.


Everyone knows the necessity of brushing your teeth 3 times a day. However, very few people brush their teeth right technique. for tooth and gum health is not enough just to brush the teeth to support the cleaning floss, you need to use the materials, such as interfaces brush regularly. Balanced diet, meals of great importance in terms of providing our oral hygiene products containing them to reduce the use of dental cleaning and fluoride snacks.


Where pink gums, bleeding and swelling of the mouth are not as healthy. It should not, as well as bad breath. To protect our teeth while we should avoid sugary and acidic food. Unlike our teeth or the acidic food is not immediately known after the drinks have to brush at least half an hour. Because acidic and sugary foods makes it suitable to wear to the tooth surface. The teeth, we must increase the wear of tooth surfaces with precision, while the brush strokes. Immediately after the meal just to rinse our mouths with water, then whisk in about half an hour is the truth. On the other hand, tea, coffee, and we should refrain from smoking for our health in general and dental health as well.


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