About Peeling

About Peeling

To stimulate the skin, rejuvenate, acne scars and is a form of treatment made by chemical means by specialists for removing stains.


Chemical peels what do you do? dead layers of the skin is cleaned with chemical peels, new skin will get a fresh and lively state. Chemical peels can see the continuation of what our post details about our work.


Light chemical peels: will be applied for the treatment of small stains on the skin surface.


Medium chemical peels : The method for Wrinkles and lines are formed on the skin.


Deep Chemical peels: post-acne scars, deep chemical peeling is a form of treatment used to monitor risky for whom? People with allergies and for people exposed to constant sun for operations who related a short time before the face using too much non-pregnant and lactating women radiotherapy treated for Chemical Peels What in response to useful questions therapy application for the destruction of spots on the skin. After the solution is applied to the selected face it kept for several minutes and then neutralized. This treatment stain opener is possible to achieve smooth skin using creams.




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