About Nose Pore  

About Nose Pore  

Sebaceous skin pores they can protect against allergies and pollution, but large pores in the skin and causes the formation of blackheads look bad. Therefore, the skin must be protected from large pores. Oily skin pore formation seem to be more. There pore expansion of the influence of UV rays. Genetic factors are also affecting pore formation.


Large pores can be seen in all parts of the body. However, large pores and cause blackheads and situated on the very nose. Many people are uncomfortable with this image. Therefore it needs the treatment of blackheads and pores on the nose. The amount of water constitutes less skin is more oils and pores. Therefore the water amount must be increased and the skin oil has to be reduced. When the pores are shrinking oil production slows down. You can apply the appropriate mask for your skin and body care products for that.

Pores are many methods of treatment. The most common of these methods are natural methods.


You can take lemon juice on your skin, or you can add a few drops of lemon juice on your skin cream. After waiting 15 minutes on your skin that you need to wash your skin with water.

Mixing the wash water should after standing for onion and garlic in large pores in the nose or blackheads.


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