9 Motif Knitted Bag Pattern

9 Motif Knitted Bag Pattern

Bags play both a practical and aesthetic role in our lives. We can use them to carry our daily belongings or we can choose them as accessories to reflect our style. Making bags with knitting motifs is a fun way to develop both our creativity and our hand skills.

With 9 motifs, we are here with a wonderful bag model. We think you will use it very much with the Gamze Toprak Youtube Channel narration video.

In the narration video, 2 different colors of paper rope and 3.50mm crochet were used to make the bag. If you want, you can also use other textured ropes and increase the number of rope colors. However, you need to pay attention to use crochet suitable for the thickness of the rope you use.

All the details you need while making the bag are available in the video tutorial. You can easily access the video from the link below.

We would like to thank Gamze Toprak Youtube Channel for this beautiful bag description. For the continuation of content like this, you can support by liking the video and subscribing to the channel. Good luck to everyone who will do it in advance.


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