How 6 Different Blouse with Scarf?

How 6 Different Blouse with Scarf?

Today an article tends to make useful things from another throwing that stuff is gaining momentum with each passing day. Through this recycling it is evaluated in a multi-product waste disposal. Usually ornaments, thanks to these waste products are used in making toys and accessories happening both protected nature preserve your own budget. Let me try to explain as follows. With one of the scarf in your home by using different styles in different ways, I will describe the production blouses.
1. First row to tie the two ends of the scarf toward our nape of our neck. Other back to tie the two ends of the outward fold waist. You need to connect the neck, back open, we have achieved a narrow waist blouse frequently.

2. Hold the two ends of the scarf, spend the armpit, shoulder to tie. Opening the other two ends to tie scarves in a row on our waist. The front of a stylish scarf draped one shoulder strap as part of the fix, we have achieved a belly shirt.

3- Scarf to tie back towards the top level by holding the two ends of the chest. 4 nodes let down in backwards from the other end. In this way, we have achieved an elegant strapless blouse and rear 4 node.

4- Scarf let’s take back our node, this time from the breast and armpit passing higher level by holding the two ends. 4 nodes will be in front this time. We have created a great style strapless blouse knotted the front chest.

5- To tie the scarf on the shoulders of the two ends of the armpit level. Tie them to shoulder level spend under the other two ends of the other seats. The chest is draped with the front and sides, we have created a more elegant blouse.

6- Finally, the nape of our neck towards our abundant way to tie the two ends of the scarf. The other two end portions slightly upwards and backwards from the waist to tie. Free way to leave plenty of plenty of rest from the front of the scarf and scarves pulled back that portion of the line above the floor. Waist plenty, we have made a stylish model with ties at the neck.


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