5 Vital Exercises of Pregnant Women

5 Vital Exercises of Pregnant Women


Hi Dear Followers! Today’s subject is 5 vital exercises of pregnant women! First of all, as you know, exercises or sport is very important when you are pregnant. Because your body and organs inside should be flexible and trained. Day by day you will gain weights and shape of your body will be changed. Against all these changes, your body must be trained and ready! Therefore, you should apply below recommendations if you would like to have ready body and well exercised!

According to the specialists;


  • Walking in open air: You should walk in a natural park or a free place which is suitable for free walks. You should do this at least 3 hours in a day. You can continue to do it for 9 months; there is no danger in this!
  • Swimming: If you have this facility, please go for swimming. While swimming, every organs and muscles of your body work and that means it is very practical to make all muscles work by doing only 1 sport.



  • Condition Bicycle: You can do this in order to activate the muscles in your stomach and legs.
  • Yoga: If you are eager to do this meditation, it is a fantastic way for you to have a pure pregnancy and birth!
  • Low tempo of Aerobics: It will help you also


You can increase the alternatives after applying to your doctor. These above are the basic and fundamental recommendations for everyone.

Happy Births,




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