5 Tips for Appetite Kids

5 Tips for Appetite  Kids

Nutrition is very important for the development and growth of our children. Parents behave very sensitive on this issue by following a balanced and adequate nutrition process. Whether they are the only food they consume healthy food such as vegetables, fruits as they consume.

However, it is not possible to say the same thing for the kids. Thus begins a scuffles between children and their families. A vicious spiral begins; we’ve also had children by forcing them to eat healthy food that nourishes the difficulties we live. If they do not eat as a result of the upset. We have great joy in the place they are.

These children that we want to develop and grow all kinds of eating a balanced meal is not as easy as they seem to adopt this habit. Children should feed correctly. But without forgetting that they should feed the people.

1-First, it must first eliminate the negative behavior. Because stress in the force will bring together. Stress is also needless to say that I think off the appetite. Show your love before. Make lovingly presentation. Happy meal ends with a happy beginning. Parties divided at the end of a happy happy tableware process.

2-Do you eat vegetables you the first taste. Make sure if you might like will go to his pleasant. But just because you get your child to eat healthy because the salt will of course do not even check. Please note that; It’s got to get a sense of taste. To improve taste may be slight for his butter, some flavored with spices can be. So if you improve taste by adding a little work will be easier.

3-Loving as a fruit or favorite toy to play with as I try to eat and secured it with you. It let the toy is useful to try to establish a connection. Our child does not necessarily have to finish the dish. 1-2 eating with a spoon in the sense of the exercise will provide him the necessary benefits.

4-Mothers and fathers let your child eat the hair to shed alone. But you can not eat alone. You sit down with him. If possible, you are feeding well. Make sure your child will enjoy the benefits of living here that he would be more than eating vegetables.

5- Finally, there are children with anorexia that summit; these children are the most difficult group. They are quite stubborn about appetite. But there they ate their in love. Gastronomic can give of their favorite things to eat before we wanted to eat. We said we could give back the rest after dinner. I hope to see the benefits.


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