5 Mistakes While Criticizing Children

5 Mistakes While Criticizing Children

Criticizing is quite natural action for the people in society. There are 2 kinds of criticizing as firstly is positive which are constructive ones and as secondly are negative ones which are totally purposed to damage someone or any idea. But, we will naturally get be on right side which is of course positive criticizing.


Even we as adults cannot accept some comments which have criticizing meaning for us, can you imagine when you criticize a child? That’s why we as adults follow the right way while criticizing the children specially our own children. When they express their own ideas or thoughts, please control your reactions regarding the explanation that they shared. Otherwise, it can cause different problems for your kids.


I would like to mention some tips about your reactions as parents while criticizing your children. There are several important issues on this matter but I will try to categorize them in 5 suggestions according to the specialists.


Firstly, people as parents are shouting at their children! Please, never shout at your children and show your anger as reaction against their feeling, expressions or definitions. This can offend your children on self-confidence and damage their personality.


Besides, people do not make any empathy! Please make some empathy which is the most important thing on this matter. This is the best way to understand your children. Because, you will change the shoes and will seat on their seats. Thus, you will think as a child and you will have chance to react as they can understand you.


Furthermore, parents are using bad words to their children! Whatever they express as thought or feeling, never say bad words to them as idiot, imbecile or foolish. Because these words can offend your children and makes them bad person in future.

And also, parents are forgetting that they are kids and they naturally cannot think like an adult. Please, never forget that you have children not adults.

As lastly, parents are not aware of having a person at home as their children


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