30+ Patterns Free crochet scarves and stolas and two needles

30+ Patterns Free crochet scarves and stolas and two needles

30 Patterns Free crochet scarves and stolas and two needles


e arrived cold yet for this side of America so I offer this beautiful collection of a rigorous selection of scarves and stolas whether in crochet and two needles, they consist of schemes observation.
This material serves you when you bind it to show your clients when they have an idea of a garment but do not know how to explain, now you can show them so they spend magazines and see what they like best …
If you are in a country of heat no matter keeps this album for pending projects in cold weather.
we tutorial attachment that teaches you to read patterns if you do not already know

I wish always best get to where you are you are immensely happy and prosperous in this wonderful art and as Ialways say dear knitter friend this continue ….

“Interesting pattern”
Simple, practical, an easy garment making. The pattern is simple. One can be oriented with the drawing. The viewing 1.70 corresponds to the back or to the body. The 35 cm they see on both sides correspond to the sleeve (20cms are part of the fist). It begins to weave from a sleeve, which are to the left of the mold, marked with a red arrow. With No. 3 needles should be placed 48 points (take the contour fist and see if the 48 points you suits them or should place more. Here’s 48 points equals 20 cm) weave Stretch point until we have the length of desired fist (approximately 20 cm.) When you reach this measure (see the mold) should change to a needle larger a number 4 to continue weaving increasing in this row and the only time to 68 points (ie distribute 20 increases among the 48 points we have in the fist). Stretch continue weaving point (or if you prefer changing point, it is up to you) up to 2m long (200 cm says the mold). Finished 2 meters (or 200cms) change the needle back to number 3 and decreased to 48 points to begin to weave his fist on the right side. (Distribute the points by 20 decreases). Close the work. Now sew the sleeves as shown in the mold (see that the length of the sleeve is 35 cm). Total Measure 2.70 centimeters


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