2017 Weft Patterns

2017 Weft Patterns

Wefts with the arrival of cold weather in the winter and take their place in the showcase. Wefts  took their places wraps since he entered our lives. Many people prefer to wear was useful in terms of being collar. Collar models in 2017, it was still our favorite cold weather and fashion designs. Lanyards appreciated models with models built with different techniques rather than traditional mesh in the new season. We can spend the coldest days of winter wearing warm collar. To insert made of wool keeps our bodies warm scarf to protect our neck, which is one of the most sensitive will be an effective way to protect against the disease.

Weft models in 2017 and scarf, as well as accessories used titles. We can complete our clothes and scarves made of fine organization. All ages appeals scarf models in 2017. Sometimes used as accessories for women and children to the elderly affected by the cold weather was the savior of men, the men who do not like scarves scarves.

Weft knitting both models in 2017 also draws attention with models made with crochet knitting. Scarves long scarves made of thick-knit organization, rather than standing is both simple and elegant. In addition, less time and simple woven. weft models in 2017 as it was in tasseled scarf attracts attention with models. Do not be too industrious to knit scarf does not need. Very simple with a classic straight weft knitting. Furthermore it ends very quickly. If you want to use if you want to spit in knit scarf with crochet. If you have thick braided rope work it will be completed more easily. By achieving great designs scarves of various colors making your own it is not difficult. If you can not decide on the model will be in place to wander a little shop windows.


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