15-minute patterned booties

15-minute patterned booties

how about a booties pattern that is quite easy and beautiful to make booties with a 15-minute pattern? we offer you our booties pattern for daily use, whether it is a pattern that suits our foot quite well, which is made in 15 minutes, to your liking.

Decoupage of knitted booties is one of the most favorite crafts of our ladies. When it becomes a very popular handmade booties pattern, we continue to offer different booties patterns that are beautiful, stylish, easy to make for you.

Our ladies who make a booties pattern and offer it for sale will have a beautiful pattern inside Our 15-minute booties sample is the easiest booties pattern that you can knit for our friends who want an easy booties pattern. On our page you can find beautiful booties patterns from each other. Or you can reach us by clicking on the links in our article. Goodbye to the wish to be together again in new beautiful booties patterns..

making booties with a pattern of 15 minutes
15-minute booties pattern

The number 37-37 is suitable for feet.

Materials 1 ball of viburnum flora booties have been preferred.

It is preferable to use skewers No. 3.

Start 99 loops 24 rows of straight knitting (harosha) Loop separations 48 right 3 middle 48 left Middle we go back and forth on the loops, taking 1 loop on the sides at each exit, we turn it straight, the last side will also have 5 loops, when there are 56 total loops, we finish knitting 8 threads of harosha, we finish sewing the bottom and heel part and finish our booties pattern. I am already sending my wishes to our friends who want to do it easily.

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you can apply the 15-minute patterned booties by watching the video narrated here.


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