Amigurimi Girl

Amigurimi Girl


Amigurami is a way of making designs by using knitting techniques. You can use this technique to make very creative designs to make knickknacks. It is an easy technique if you know knitting and some certain model. Even if you don’t, do not worry you will get it quickly. One of my favorite design is amigurami girl. It is very easy and now I will show you how to make amigurami girl.


How to make amigurami girl?


Find a round object that you can use as a head. Then start knitting your model to fit this object. Now you girl’s head is ready.



After that start the torso. You can use any color on this one except the head. Now start knitting the end of the torso so that you can create a view of a cloth. You can use another color to make it more visible. At the second line adjust the puffiness of the cloth. By using needle you can create the shapes you want to get on the cloth.



Arms and legs

Knit the arms separately and unite them with the torso. If you want to make a cloth has sleeve use the same color with the torso. Otherwise just use your skin color. Use the same method for the legs.

Face and Hair

For the face knit 2 eyes and put them on the face. By using needle make a mouth. At last knit the hair in your style and unite it with the head.



This is how to make amigurami girl.  As you can see it is very easy and looks great.


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