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Crochet is an old word adapted from the french word “crochet” and has also been derived german word “croc”. Both of them the german and the french word mean hook. Crochet was used for lace making in the early centuries. The laces were stitched togerther afterwards to create a whole pattern. It is common to make table clothes,curtains or bed covers with crochets. Nowadays crochet has become a very common hobby both for young and old people again.

Crochet is also back on the stages and sets. You can see many designer clothes or even crocheted bikinis.

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Crochet hooks are available in different sizes and are made of different materials. The materials for the crochet are plastic,steel,bamboo,bone and aluminium. The size of crochet is specified by the given pattern. The number on the crochete is set by the diameter of the hook,which is very important for creating the right pattern.

There are different hook grips and hook handles available for the ergonomic use of the crafters. Most of the people bamboo or plastic crochetes to aliminium or steel crocehetes ,which are harder to grip for your hand.Especially for people ,who have problems such as arthiritis.

With the beginning of the 21 st century crochet has a comeback. The interest in handcrafts rise again. There are many special or public  crochet lessons for learning crochet . The crochet lessons  are  for different levels. There are beginner levels for learning crochet. And higher levels for people who want to create different handcrafts.

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