Smock pattern

Smock pattern

Smock pattern

Kurume weave of the switching pattern fashionable smock (head type) made ​​in Japan

Smock wear pictureSmock apron


Japanese pattern smock

Smock made in Japan

Switching pattern of the weave Kurume smock made ​​in Japan

Wrapping is a free service

Wrapping will correspond, such as birthday gifts and Mother’s Day gift.



Smock, fashionable, made in Japan gift woman gift
Smock gifts made in Japan Gift

Smock apron for adults

Smock long sleeves

For smock adult

  1. Janay says:

    I love hearing this kind of advice from the older gertiaenon. Especially such stunning looks. I'd like to shop in her thrift shops. Mine don't seem to have that gorgeous style! 🙂


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