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Pupsiku lugu. Vol.1.

Pupsiku lugu. Vol.1.

Pupsik story begins with the fact that surfing the Internet caught the eye of one of the nifty poisikluti manufacture free guide -Pupsik Oops.
That Pupsik reminded me of my childhood in a plastic curves legged baby dolls, which groups received when the clothes wear crocheted õmmeldud.Naabriplikadel were the same, and so would we do if we went with village time playing.
So I translated guide themselves into Estonian around (the best was the Russian language), was looking for a suitable yarn, crochet, safe eye spare, a piece of handmade felt and started childhood, recalling carve.
Let’s see what this thing happened next.

Crochet amigurumi crochet--mänguasi-soft-soft-cam-toy-boy-boy-pink-pink
The first Pupsik completed.
And here he is! Lovely Pupsik throughout his 14-cm ses hiilguses.Veel without hair.
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Bald Pupsik.
Bald probably do not want to be keegi.Pups mitte.Ja anyway so it was necessary to select a suitable hair.
crocheted amigurumi-soft-toy-boy-doll-pink yarn crochet'amigurumi-soft-toy-boy-
PUPS selects the appropriate color of your hair.
Suitable color selected and now the hairdresser.
Oooooo! However, I’m beautiful!
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